NORBERT 444 champion 2012 in a packed WTC Leeuwarden!
'Lord' BEART 411 Reserve Champion!

Leeuwarden, January 14, 2012

After his first trotting round a buzz went through a packed was a potential champion! Tsjerk son Norbert  really was in top form and moved beautifully balanced, spacious and uphill from the book. Two years ago he got very close to the championship, made reserve champion next to young Uldrik, now the roles were reversed! The publics' favorite stallion Uldrik looked great, more mature and moved very good but missed a tiny bit of balance now and then, Norbert steamed forward like a locomotive, immune to the roaring audience and rousing music. Great to see the emotions of the breeders /owners Van der Zee and brothers Van Manen his trainers! Previously, stable mate Beart already voted champion older stallions. Beart, the 12 year old majestic gentleman, still superbe in motion, stood next to his father the Preferent Jasper, the  wonder of movement ... Jasper made reserve champion older stallions, aged 17! Stable van Manen could not be happier, both Norbert and Beart in the race for the overall championship!!!! Could the reserve champions Uldrik and Jasper take revenge? Norbert took a higher gear and Beart showed better than cousin Uldrik and father Jasper... The tension went up. Under the hypnotic sounds of Queen's "We Will Rock You" was the redeeming answer ...: 2012 CHAMPION: NORBERT 444! Reserve champion Beart 411!


More coming soon....