Seven year old Fabe KROON mare Champion at Vrouwenpolder fokdag.

Vrouwenpolder June 25, 2011, It seemed like it was autumn instead of Summer, when the annual keuring in the south west of the country took place. A bit of a pity for the participants, who had to make a long trip to the keuring site, but fortunately there were some really good horses to see. The quantity of the foals was low but the quality high, 7 out of 25 colts and fillies received a first premium. There is certainly less competitors but still a lot to enjoy. Champion 3 years and older mares and Best of the Day was the beautifully typed Mooi van Setse vd Hommershoeve (Fabe x Fetse)  a 7-year-old Crown Mare. The four year old starmare Wille HI (Harmen x Fetse) made Reserve Champion. Photo below:

Champion foal was the first premie filly Jolke van de Terp (Anders x Feitse)  Photo below: