Young Uldrik 457 (Dries x Tsjerk) champion stallionshow 2010!
Norbert 444 reserve champion

Leeuwarden, saturday january 9-2010.  "Uldrik made the show and got better and better at the championkeuring, he kept going from the hind to the front with a beautiful use of his frontlegs and a powerful backhind", said inspector Harrie Draaijer. The four year old son of Dries remained 'coolheaded' during his performance. Earlier that morning he was placed second in his class, approved in 2009, under young Andries son Tymon (ds Leffert P). But Tymon showed some fatigue and was sent out of the championring, just like THE favorite for the title: Maurus. From the year 2008, both Norbert (Tsjerk x Hearke P) and Stendert (Andries x Piter) were selected for the championbattle. Only Norbert showed a fantastic use of his hindlegs with great airtime and the public expected him to become champion...but the judges decided that Uldrik was the true champion! 

Older stallions:

Grand Prix stallion Anders 451 (Adel x Ouke):

Stallions approved in 2009:

1:Tymon (Andries x Leffert), 2  Uldrik (Dries x Tsjerk) , 3 Reinder Aan x Sierk), 4 Tsjalle (Mintse x Brandus), 5 Sjouke (Doaitsen x Jelte), 6 Uwe (Beart x Bonne) and 7 Take (Jakob x Oltman).

2008 year: 1. Norbert (Tsjerk P x Hearke P), 2 Stendert (Andries x Piter), 3 Pier (Beart x Aiso), 4 Olgert (Ulke x Atse), 5 Sake (Doaitsen x Rypke), 6 Michiel (Tsjerk P x Leffert P) and 7 Sjerp (Andries x Pike).


1. Maurus (Tsjalke x Krist), 2 Maurits (Ulbert x Ulke), 3 Lutger (Onne x Feitse P), 4 Mewes (Teeuwis x Oege P) and 5 Jesse (Leffert P x Doeke).

Year 2006: 1 Jerke (Onne x Tsjerk) , 2 Jisse (Jasper x Dirk), 3 Loadewyk (Tsjerk x Jurjen), 4 Jense (Sierk x Leffert P) and 5 Jorn (Fabe x Feitse P)

show of the Canadian ┬┤House of the Friesians┬┤ :

Year 2005:

1. Haitse (Jasper x Rypke), 2 Gjalt (Pyt x Lukas), 3 Hinne (Tsjerk P x Falke), 4 Harmen (Teunis x Oege P) and 5  Felle (Lolke x Gerlof) .

Year 2003 and 2004 :

1 Beart (Jasper x Feitse P), 2  Aan (Abe x Jurjen), 3 Doaitsen (Wander x Reitse P), 4 Andries (Tsjerk x Nykle), 5 Arjen (Erik x Nikolaas), 6 Eibert (Folkert x Reitse P), 7 Dries (Jasper x Hearke P), 8 Wierd (Folkert x Reitse P), 9 Bente (Heinse x Nammen).

Rubriek 12

1 Wikke (Ritse x Gerlof), 2 Wobke (Fetse x Gaije), 3 Teeuwis (Fetse x Reitse P) and 4 Tsjalke (Leffert P x Doeke).

For the champion battle were invited:

 Anders, Tymon, Uldrik, Norbert, Stendert, Maurus, Maurits, Jerke, Jense, Haitse, Gjalt, Beart, Aan, Wikke and Wobke. De group was reduced to Maurus, Norbert, Uldrik and Tymon, they could show their best one at the time..... Tymon and Maurus had to go...only  Norbert and Uldrik...the judges chose: ULDRIK KAMPIOEN 2010! Cheers and applause from the audience...what a thrilling championship!