Five new stallions approved in Autumn testing.
Some with monsterscores!

 Uldrik (Dries x Tsjerk P) had the highest score.

Ermelo 14-nov-2009: Last Saturday six stallions had their exams at showdriving and driving dressage. Five of them got approved. Thorn vd Noestehoeve unfortunately did not show enough progression and did not make it for approval. President of the jury, Mr. Fetse Veldstra described this group as very talented with some very promising horses that got totals of over 90 points! "We had some topstallions among them, with scores we lacked the past few years."

4. Tsjalf fan Fjildsicht (Mintse x Brandus) > Tsjalle 454 

"A beautiful example of the breed. His father Mintse is in the States and we are delighted to have such a good son of him approved. Tsjalle has an active walk, which perhaps could cover a little more ground. He specificly excells in the showdriving part, in which he scored a very good 91,5 points."said Veldstra.


12.Volkert ut 'e Reiden (Jakob x Oltman) > Take 454

"This  son of Jakob excelled in the drivingtest. His father Jakob is 24 years old now and we are very happy to have this son approved. Damsire Oltman is dissaproved on offspring, but she is a very good mare! "


15. Titus L. (Andries x Leffert P) > Tymon 456

"A beautiful built stallion, uphill, with long forelegs. He's an allrounder. Scored 84,5 at his saddletest, drivingtest 89 and at showdriving 89,5 points, which is very good. Tymon is a horse that's built in the current standard of the Friesian breed, uphill with long lines." 


16. Ulrik fan 'e Vestahoeve (Dries x Tsjerk P) > Uldrik 457

A very beautiful stallion, very 'Friesian'. . "Uldrik scored  88 points at his saddletest, which is very good. He received  94 points for the drivingpart and a monsterscore of 95,5 for showdriving! We never had a stallion that scored this good! " Uldrik is the first approved stallion of his father Dries. (Jasper x Hearke P)

19. Tinus R.M. (Beart x Bonne) > Uwe 458

"A longlined stallion that stood out because of his very good walk. He received 76,5 points for the saddletest,  79 for his driving and  74,5 for showdriving. A stallions that fits into the breeding standard, also because of his pleasant temperament."