Teuntje Anne T. (Teunis x Feitse P)
Champion at Vrouwenpolder

Vrouwenpolder, Saturday June 27 -2009; Teuntje Anne T, supreme champion at the South-East keuring. Yearling Brechtje fan Be (Andries x Sape) was the reserve champion.


Best colt: Daan T. (Tsjerk P x Teunis), other first premies: Haitse x Wibe and Onne x Anne.

Best filly: Eva van de Rijsakker (Maeije x Sape), also reserve champion of the youth. Other first premie fillies: Dieuwertje van de Heikant (Maurus x Lute), Dafita (Maurus x Nanning) and Fermke H. (Onne x Teunis).