The KFPS keurings season has kicked-off!

There was a lot to enjoy in Kootwijk, May 23st A small group of foals were keured which resulted in first premies for fillies by Maurus, Maurits, Fabe and Doaitsen and colts by Maeije, Beart en Folkert (2).

There was a lot of quality in the groups young mares: 32 mares got star, even 8 of them with a first premie!Three geldings got star and 8 foalbookstallions got star. Sons of:  Eibert (2), Beart, Lolke, Sape, Jasper, Mintse and Doaitsen.

Keep checking this newspage, we'll keep you posted on most of the Friesian keurings here in Holland.