Springtesting Ermelo:
Only five four year olds started today

Archive Photo

Ermelo 02-02-2009; From the 10 selected 4 yr old stallions for the Ermelo Spring testing, only 5 'survived' the veterinairy:

Reinder (Aan 416 x Sierk 326)

Romke van de Doezumer Tocht (Doaitsen 420 x Nykle)

Sjouke V. (Doaitsen 420 x Jelte 365)

 Ruben van Erve Poortstad (Aan 416 x Fabe 348)

Sammie (Ids 300 x Oeds 318)

Rejected at the vet: Reinder fan Augsbuurt (Andries 415 x Oltman 317); Sietse A. (Teeuwis 389 x Teake); Sjirk M. (Beart 411 x Leffert) en Ridske v. R. (Ids 300 x Oltman 317). They are allowed to re enter the testing within 14 days. 

Two were  withdrawn by their owners: Romke van de Hynderweide (Folkert 353 x Tamme) and Rens van den Dries (Anton 343 x Tsjerk 328), their chances for approval are over now.