About us

Passion for Friesians

Nicole with Jolmer

Ever since we, Johan Achterhof (1964) and Nicole Adriaansen (1968) purchased our first Friesian horse in 1988, we have been hopelessly devoted to this unique breed. We bought the Friesian colt Oetse (v. Ygram) whilst still studying at the Art Academy. We rode a lot with Oetse, practiced Trick-Training, and made superb recreational rides. After a while we got interested the breeding aspects of the Friesian horse. The ‘Merriestammenboek’ and the ‘Hengstenboek’ became our bibles and we visited every keuring possible.

In the early Nineties the editor of the magazine Phryso asked us to write articles on the breeding of the Friesian horse and to write stories about the keuring results. The knowledge which we had acquired over the past years was very useful at this point. 

Meanwhile, we had completed our studies at the Art Academy and could now devote all our time to our passion. Time and time again it is a great thrill to wake up at dawn to travel to a place in the Netherlands, just to watch the crème de la crème of the Friesian breeding studbook trot by.

Even though a carreer in art education lay in wait for me, I decided, driven by the passion for the horse to drop everything in ’92 and to work full time on painting (Friesian) horses.

My first exhibition at the Hengstenkeuring in 1993 was an immediate success. Within a few hours my booth was literally sold out. Many famous and less famous horses have been eternalized by myself in charcoal drawing or oil paintings. Approved stallions like Oepke, Walter, Bendert, Hannes, Gerlof, Leffert, Hearke, Marko, Oeds, Dirk, Reitse, Piter, Pike, Remmelt, Brandus, Anton, Tsjerk, Onne, Sape, Goffert, Tije, Andries, Tsjibbe, Tsjitse, Rindert, Dries en Time, all requested by their owners, all have been kept eternalized for their future descendants.  My freelance work is also collected world-wide. My work characterises itself by a high degree of perfection and details. Every vertex, lash and muscle group must be reflected as naturally as possible. But, MOST important of all, is the eye, the mirror of the soul. I receive the biggest compliments from the owners, who are sometimes so touched that they have to wipe a tear away at seeing the final result.
During the past years I have also made more expressive sketches on a large format.

See picture right>>

Export Holland Friesians

Looking for inspiration for our paintings and journalism work, and seeking the best samples of the Friesian horse, we visit many prominent breeders and horse owners, who have, over the years, become good friends. Inevitable as sharing the love for the most wonderful and beautiful horse breed on earth creates a strong bond, and one never runs out of material to talk about. It won’t be the last time that we visit a breeder for a ‘short visit’ and end up leaving at midnight (or later!)

A new challenge within our activities came when we exported one of our own breeding products Marre fan Qualburgh (Sape) namely seeking quality Friesian horses. Our 20 years of experience in the Friesian horse-breeding, our knowledge of the bloodlines combined with our contacts gives an extra advantage.

Actually, we only have one criterion when mediating Friesian horses: If we like the horse, if we would as it were, like to have him in our stable, if he affects us, then we can also sell him. That is why we select the horses by their type, presence, movement, character and their talent for the sports. We have found new homes for lots of ster-mares, colts, fillies and exclusive dressage horses. It goes without saying that the horses are delivered with a recent examination report and also that we will arrange for the export papers and medical examinations to be done.

It never fails to be a challenge to find the horse of your dreams, or to sell your top quality horse.

Our studfarm

Ever since we settled in the Southern village Alphen we, next to the trade and mediating, breed at a modest scale(purposely). We bought the filly Magdaa H. (Tsjerk x Hildaa ster/preferent v. Reitse pref.) from stam 128, from the Hoekstra family in Tsjerkgaast in 1996.

Mother Hildaa is a full sister to Ruerd 319 (who, unfortunately, was taken out of the stud farm prematurely).
Hildaa (passed away in 2006) bred extremely well.

At this moment she has 6 ster-daughters. Grandmother Martina (Ritske pref.) and great-grandmother Claartje (Bouke) are both model/preferent. Even the preferent approved stallion Leffert came from the same stamline, where fertility, size and a great exterior are key characteristics within the stock.
The filly Magdaa grew to be a tall (1.63 m), sassy lady with lots of character and a superb exterior and great presence. Unfortunately, just that bit extra in movement was at her expense as she just missed the ster predicate at 3 yrs of age. But the 3rd premie studbook mare proved to be a great breeder as she gave us 3 fillies in a row: Finne fan Qualburgh (Piter), Gitte fan Qualburgh (Leffert) and Marre fan Qualburgh by Sape. (Photo below)From this threesome Finne was sold to Sweden where she has great success in the dressage sport and will be introduced at the keuring for the first time next year.


Marre fan Qualburgh (Sape x Tsjerk)




May 3rd 2009, our Gitte gave birth to a very refined Beart filly!

Her name is Elagonda fan Qualburgh and we are very delighted with another filly!

Elagonda at 3 days old




Elagonda 5 weeks old

Gitte by Leffert (photo above) is a conscious product of line-breeding. Both Leffert and Magdaa go back to the model/preferente Claartje.
Line –breeding has its risks, they often say that it can go either way, but when Gitte trotted those first few paces by her mother’s side, we knew that it was the right choice.
At the veulenkeuring she received a first premie and in 2005 she became ster with a second premie.
 In our eyes she is very close to the perfect type: Lux, with lots of front, vertically arched neck, lovely flowing topline, back isn’t too long, a long front leg and a good walk and a very nice trot.

June 19th 2006, Gitte gave birth to a jetblack, lux and promising filly out of the Jasper son Dries. (photo top left) Her name is ‘Vorstin (which means Queen) fan Qualburgh’. Vostin went to the keuring September and was rated a first premie! We are very proud to have a second generation 'fan Qualburgh' filly of this quality in our barn. She's a great addition to our breeding program. Vorstin is developed into a very 'Friesian' lady with lots mane, forelock and feathers. More about Vorstin below.




Elagonda 3 months old


Our daughter Fay and Oetse (behind) and Vorstin (front) May 2009


August 3-2009; At our annual fokdag in Esbeek/Hilvarenbeek, our 3 yr old Vorstin fan Qualburgh (Dries Sport x Leffert Sport-P) got star with a first premie! The only Dries starmare with a first premie in two years...We are so proud to see Gitte's firstborn get this prestigious predicate! Well done Vorstin!

Score: rastype 8- bouw 7 - beenwerk 7,5 - stap 8 - draf 7,5

Then...tragedy happened.........October 2009, Vorstin was hospitalized because of  fever and life threatening anemia....  She was there for 5 weeks and the vets did all kinds of punctions (liver, bone marrow etc.) and bloodtests. They feared Leukemia or an auto immune illness. She responded well to Prednisolone and strong antibiotics. After 4,5 weeks she was nearly 'clean' and her red cells had increased. We were sooo happy she was released from the clinic. She got home jumpy and lively, but after 4 days she got fever again, up to 40, 5 degrees. (she never stopped eating during her illness and looked fabulous! Shining and black dappled!) After 5 days of fever she suddenly stopped eating and her situation deteriorated very fast...:-( We never saw it coming she would die, but she did......it was a nightmare! Here temperament got us fooled the last 5 weeks, the vet said. A 'normal' horse would act a lot more ''down'.

My sweetest Vorstin, we'll never forget you, you were our special one....

Tribute (ode) to Vorstin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-4lHh5fjuA


Sept. 12-2009: Vorstin's halfsister Elagonda fan Qualburgh (Beart x Gitte) got a first premie at the keuring! All Gitte's offspring is rewarded first premie so far. The judges praised her front, beautiful head, long legs good development and ofcourse her good walk and very good trot!





June 1st 2010; Haen fan Qualburgh (Eibert x Gitte) is born . Finally a colt!

Elagonda at 6 months old:

April 2010 Elagonda 11 months old

And Elagonda fan Qualburgh (Beart x Leffert) got her STAR at three yrs old in Hilvarenbeek keuring!

(photo Alger Meekma)

The stallioncolt Haen fan Qualburgh (Eibert x Leffert) here at two yrs of age, was sold to sweet people in Romania and has his own 'harem' to breed. :-)

In 2012, Gitte gave birth to a stunning DRIES colt! Ode fan Qualburgh lived with us 1,5 yrs and was sold to the USA:


After 2 years of bad luck, we lost a Dries filly 6 weeks premature and a twin pregnancy by Epke, we welcomed this STUNNING Epke filly YDILLE fan QUALBURGH in 2015:

Ydille grew into a very tall yearling filly and lives with Jennifer in the USA now:

In 2016 we had 2 foals, both sired by topstallion Uldrik 457,

Gitte had a very cute filly puppet with LOTS of racial type: Bynke fan Qualburgh

Racial type plus !!!! Bynke is now living in horse paradise with Caroline and husband in Great-Britain.

Our other Uldrik baby in 2016 was the colt BALDER fan Qualburgh, out of our stunning Beart starmare Elagonda fan Qualburgh . He is something else!!! We never had a colt moving like he did and we have great expectations of this special boy:

Balder was recently exported to Laurie in the USA where he is renamed CATALYST will be starting his sportingcarreer in the future!

Balder fan Qualburgh (Uldrik x Beart) 1 year old.