Lolke daughter Dirkje Dopey
champion of a succesful Southern
fokdag in Esbeek

Esbeek, August 3 and 4; Sun, 2500 spectators, a lovely breeze, excellent horses and lots of show are the ingredients that make a fokdag succesful. Breeding association 'Het Friesche Paard Zuid-Nederland' is proud of two days of  keuring. 350 Friesians were keured. Champion of the day was the lovely seven year old Dirkje Dopey van W. (Lolke x Tjimme) and Reserve Champion was the ultimate showing machine Coryolob (Jisse x Teunis).

Foals: 10 out of 54 colts received a first premie, of which the 'swinging' Bernhard H. (Beart x Oepke) deserved the titel Beste Colt.  9 out of 58 filies were rated a first premie and the titel Best Filly was for Coryolob (Jisse x Teunis)  Our stable did very well too. We had three foals with a first premie: Colt Bearke van d'Oeve (Beart x Oepke), filly Baukje van de Heikant (Haitse x Tsjerk) and filly Aitske van de Heikant (Loadewyk x Jurjen) and all three were selected for the titles! And our young Loadewyk Aitske even made Reserve Champion Filly!

No first premies at the yearling fillies, but a very well developed  Eibert daughter Trienke fan 't Thusfront (d.s. Erik) was ahead of the group two year olds, with a second place for Trista v.d. Wijzend (Fridse x Tjimme).

Total score of three year old new starmares was fifteen, with two first premie stars for Sjouke H. (Lolke x Sjaard) and Renske van de Ulestratenhof (Beart x Ritse) One mare gained the star at the older studbookmares and three four year old foalbookmares got a second premie star.

Two 4 to 6 jr starmares were rated first premie, ahead of this group Mooi van Setse vd Hommershoeve (Fabe x Fetse) she would also be reserve champion three year and older starmares. Dirkje Dopey van W. (Lolke x Tjimme) was on top of the group seven yr. and older stars and Champion Overall!

Here an impression of the shows at our keuring:

But the most beautiful star of the day.............was our eight year old daughter Fay, who was 'ribbon and flower-lady':

See you all at Esbeek keuring next year!