Last son of Oege pref. LOLKE 371
leaves Holland!

Lunteren 07-03-2008: Lolke 371, the last son of the preferent Oege is leaving the Netherlands today, to start a new carreer in the United States of America. Lolke is now owned by a LLC -Mrs.Gloria Bowman from Warrenton (VA).  - He will be standing at the Lolke 371 Stallion Station, 6448 Partridge Ln, Royal Oak, MD 21662.

Lolke was bred 13 years ago by P.L. Folkertsma in Pingjum from Zwaantje F. (v. Reitse pref.).  Grandmother is an Oepke sterdaughter, Marit vd Grupstal, then Ellie ster/pref. (Tsjalling), also mother to Gaije 295. Stam 15.     Lolke (permanently approved on offspring) has one approved son: Felle 422

Lolke 371 before leaving for the USA: