Dutch Championships Friesian dressage
big succes!

Kootwijk Sept. 22 - Under ideal circumstances -dry and not too hot- the Dutch Championships Friesian Dressage was held in Kootwijk, The Netherlands. It was an overwhelming sight: Friesians competing everywhere the eye could see, from first level to Grand Prix! The clinic of Dutch Grand-Prix judge Nico Verwer was one of the highlights. The FPS approved stallions did very well: Newly approved Jense 432, Jorn 414 (Champ. L2) and Haitse 425 all ended in the top three of their class.  Arjen 417 won Z1 and  good-old Jasper 366 with Peter Spahn was an absolute eyecatcher in the Prix St. George.

An impression:

Champion L1-Marsja Dijkman withJetse O. (Tsjalke)

Champion L2-Ingeborg Klooster with Jorn 414 (Fabe)

Champion M2-Sybren Minkema-Gouke P. (Otte)

Champion Z2- Judith Pieterse with Kop Jansen Marten (Sierk)

Grand-Prix jurylid Nico Verwer

FPS judge (mrs.. L. Hompe) discussing a performance

FPS judge L. van Hout with two spectators

Judith Pieterse with Anton, s. Jasper

"Here our points!"

KFPS chairman Roozemond

Tjitse vd Demrostables (Teunis) was "Best performing mare'

All time favorite Jasper 366 in the Prix St. George

Peter Spahn-Jasper

Kees Francke withUlke (Jakob) were second in the Z2

Surprise! 22 year old Lukas 324 dressed up for a show: